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Aimee Mesiti





Aimee Mesiti is a highly accomplished woman from Brockport, New York, who is incredibly proud of her career. She is a dedicated mother, a skilled physical therapist, and a successful business owner. These accomplishments are all thanks to her determination and strong work ethic. Aimee fully believes anything is possible if you are willing to put in the work and persevere through challenges. Additionally, she always strives to be her best self, both physically and mentally. 

In 1992, Aimee Mesiti graduated with honors from Genesee Community College, earning her Physical Therapist Assistant AAS. For over twenty years, she invested her career into helping others as a Physical Therapist Assistant for both inpatient and outpatient services. She has worked in orthopedic rehabilitation, exercise therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, and more. While Aimee loved this season of her career, she retired in 2016 to pursue a new dream.

After having five sons within ten years, Aimee Mesiti launched into many busy but rewarding years full of sports practices, traveling, school, and more. Aimee has loved raising her boys and encouraging them to become the best versions of themselves possible. She has always put her family first, which is evident in how her children have thrived as they enter their adult years. As her sons began to launch their own careers, Aimee found herself with additional free time and a vision for opening her own winery.

In 2016, Five Sons Winery, Inc. was officially launched. Aimee Mesiti is still the proud corporate president of the establishment and has grown it into a successful operation. She oversaw the construction of buildings, the acquisition of equipment, and all of the business planning and financial matters required to get the business off the ground. In the years that followed, as the business grew, Aimee eventually turned it into an event venue and added a full-service, farm-to-table restaurant to the property, which supports local farmers and benefits the local community in many ways.

Aimee Mesiti’s passion for good health and giving back have been integral in informing the business decisions she makes surrounding Five Sons Winery. She is dedicated to providing high-quality food and beverages for their customers and is even in the process of growing her own organic produce to serve at the on-site restaurant. 

When she isn’t busy keeping up with the winery, Aimee Mesiti loves to kayak, cycle, and fundraise. She lives an active lifestyle and has donated funds to organizations such as the MDA of Rochester, the Rochester Ronald McDonald House, the Brockport Police Department, and more.

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